WPHC FC Return To Training Protocols – 26/5

Monday, 25 May 2020
WPHC FC Return To Training Protocols – 26/5

Dear Club Members,

WE have published below our “Return to training” protocols effective 26/5 for U9 upwards. (U6,7,8 will be published shortly)

Click here to view – WPHC FC – Return to training plan – MAX 10 – C&M

Its important to note that, if you or your family feel that you are not ready to return to training, then it is important you know that you are not obliged or pressured to do so. Whilst we will create a safe environment, the decision is yours in returning and there will be no penalties in delaying your return date until you feel comfortable to do so. As a club we will do everything we can to ensure a safe and friendly environment for you to return with comfort. Everyone has the right to choose how willing they are to expose themselves to the current risks, and it is your choice as a player, manager, coach to decide when it’s time for you to return.

As a coach or manager you may choose to wait a week or two before returning, which we respect.

Your grading and teams remain unchanged

All teams are now graded, and these will remain the same as previously communicated. With a likely announcement about a return to game due in the coming weeks, it’s important that we dont mix up the teams.

Alternatively, with many of us now working more flexibly, if you would like to help in coaching or assisting then please reach out to our DOC – Brad Walker to discuss.

Please respect the rules and play safe 

Our return to football can only resume with the help of you, whilst we have worked hard to put safe measures in place, we do ask for your cooperation in following the guidance. Importantly please ensure if you have illness you do not attend training.

The safer we can return together, the quicker the restrictions will be lifted.