2022 Coaching Education

Tuesday, 22 Mar 2022
2022 Coaching Education

Note from our Coaching Coordinator, Liam Whelan

My name is Liam Whelan and I am the coaching co-ordinator for WPHC FC for season 2022. I have been coaching with the club for over 12 years and been playing football for over forty years.

Firstly thanks so much for volunteering to coach this season. It is a really rewarding experience and if you are looking after your son or daughters team it’s extra time you get with them in a fun filled environment.It is not an easy job even if you have an extensive footballing background and you can sometimes feel like overwhelmed. Please do not worry because the club are here to support you as much as we possibly can. Always ask for support from within your team as many hands make light work and a good team isn’t just about the players on the pitch.

I am here to offer guidance on your coaching journey and if the time permits will do my best to help you with your sessions. I am currently coaching two teams while still trying to play on the weekends.

The association will be running courses through out the season and I have attached the coaching calendar on this email. There are unlimiited coaching resources available online also and great place to start is the FFA coaching resources page Coaching Resources | Play Football

I highly encourage getting to one of the coaching courses designed for the age group you are involved with. The miniroos course has been made mandatory by the association please read the attachment that explains the reasons behind the decision.We will need all mini’s coached to have attended or booked in to attend one fo the courses to coach at the club.

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